About Us


| \ kə-ˈpeēsh \

As the 2020 pandemic rolled on, bartender Tom Loosli found himself sitting at home with a thirst for a quality cocktail. With nowhere to go and nothing to drink, he figured he wasn’t the only one missing the experience of a fresh, sophisticated cocktail that hits just right. 

Seeing a job that needed doing, Tom set to work on bringing the best ingredients and tools to at-home bars across Australia, and so Capiche was born.  


Capiche’s goal is not just to provide the best ingredients and know-how to mix your favourite drinks at home, but to demystify the sometimes confusing world of cocktails for the casual consumer when you can’t (or can't be bothered to) pop out for a ‘cheeky drink’ in the city. 

Working together with local producers, Capiche has developed an initial selection of 18 Mix Kits. A curated selection of Classic Cocktails and Gin + Tonics exploring the best of Australian spirits and craft mixers, thoughtfully paired with local top-shelf garnishes. 

Meticulously sourcing sustainable, ethical and locally-based suppliers, all Mix Kits come in sleek, stylish and 100% recyclable packaging. Capiche has pledged 10% of all net profits for its first financial year to be donated to causes supporting service workers impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.


To curate this selection of at-home Mix Kits for the Australian drinking public, Tom has drawn on his in-depth knowledge and experience in spirits and cocktail mixing. After spending the last 14 years working in some of the world’s top cocktail bars, he has developed a keen taste for concocting the perfect drink. 

He has bartended at renowned venues the world over, including Sydney institutions Eau de Vie, Shady Pines Saloon and the Hilton’s Zeta Bar, as well as managed venues including Miss Peaches, London’s Original Sin and Melbourne’s The Everleigh. 

He has a host of cocktail competition victories under his belt and was a Top 8 Finalist for Australian Bartender of the Year 2017. So, you’re in good hands!

Tom also holds a Masters Degree in Architecture from Sydney Uni and is currently studying his MBA at RMIT. His favourite cocktail is the Manhattan (coming soon to Capiche!)