Frequently Asked Questions

What does Capiche mean?

Capiche (or capeesh, capisce etc) is a recurring Italian-American phrase from old gangster movies that somehow seemed to resonate with us. Maybe it’s the attitude of the thinly-veiled threat meaning “do you understand?” or maybe it’s just the old-world charm and sophistication that comes along with it. Either way, we like to imagine ourselves kicking our feet up in a New York steakhouse with a classy cocktail in hand uttering this phrase, capiche?


What is a mix kit?

We like to describe a mix kit as the liquid version of a meal kit - those boxes of portioned fresh produce with recipes for easy weeknight meals that have become increasingly popular over the last few years. We like to apply that same philosophy towards mixed drinks such as cocktails or gin + tonics. All the high-quality ingredients you need, portioned up and delivered to your door with simple recipes.


How many drinks are in the kits?

Depending on which mix kit you choose, there are between 11-16 full-size cocktail serves or 11 strong gin + tonics per kit. Apart from some of our more premium options, most of the kits come out to around $8 or $9 per serve. Bargain!


Where do you deliver?

Our courier partner delivers all over Australia at a flat fee of $12, making things equitable for our rural friends who don’t have the same access to metropolitan cocktail bars as their city cousins. And shipping for any orders over $149 is on the house.

We also make local Melbourne deliveries every Wednesday. Check out the Shipping section for more info.

Unfortunately we’re currently unable to ship overseas but are working on solutions for neighbouring countries.


What if I don’t have any cocktail-making equipment?

While we would strongly recommend building a set of home bar tools as a valuable investment (check out our Glassware + Tools section for our collection), there are ways to get around needing them. All of our mix kits come with a link to a tutorial of “hacks” for using what you’ve got in your kitchen cupboards to make all of our drinks. For example, a tupperware container can make a decent stand-in cocktail shaker in a pinch!


Do I need to sign for my order?

Our liquor licence requires that all orders be signed for on delivery by someone over the age of 18. Our delivery partner may request your ID as evidence of age. If nobody is home, they’ll leave a card so that alternative arrangements can be made such as pickup from a local collection point (remember your ID!)


There’s a problem with my order. What should I do?

Tracking information is provided with every order. There are currently delays associated with Melbourne’s lockdown, but our courier partner has been doing well despite this. If your order is damaged or has not arrived after significant delay, we’ll make sure to fix the situation. Please contact us at info@capichecocktails.com.au and we’ll sort it for you ASAP.