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Zoom Bloody Mary Gift Box
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Zoom Bloody Mary Gift Box
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Zoom Bloody Mary Gift Box
Zoom Bloody Mary Gift Box

Bloody Mary Gift Box

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If you’ve got a mate, colleague or family member who likes to indulge in some seasonal day drinking or a bit of the hair of the dog, then chances are they’re a Bloody Mary aficionado. They're known as the ultimate hangover cure, or simply a great way to spice up a boozy brunch. But, the problem is that they can be finicky to make at home.

That’s where the Bloody Mary cocktail kit comes in! This limited edition Christmas gift box is the perfect present for the great Aussie larrikin who has it all. Featuring a banging recipe put together by a top Aussie bartender, this kit provides the ingredients and know-how needed to easily mix up four Bloody Marys in your kitchen, backyard, local park or favourite beach.

Now let’s take a look under the hood. While Bloody Marys can take many forms, our version stays true to the classic but with a distinct Aussie twist. We’ve broken down the elements of a proper Bloody Mary recipe and carefully sourced 100% local Aussie ingredients that best fit the bill. From a small-batch craft vodka, locally-made tomato juice, our own native spice mix seasoning, and an organic hot sauce designed specifically for Bloody Marys (with Worcestershire sauce included!). It even comes with a Zooper Dooper ice block to cool you off in the sun.

All of the above comes beautifully packaged in a stylish box inspired by the Aussie backyard that will light up even the most lifeless of Xmas trees, and is shipped free of charge all over the country. No wrapping required, just tell us who it’s for and who it’s from, and we’ll take care of the rest!

This silly season, give the gift that says “You bloody beauty!”

Want more? Check out the $99 deluxe version that comes with all the glassware and equipment you’ll need to mix up the drink.

What's in the kit:
Hippocampus Vodka
200ml 40% ABV
Hippocampus was dreamed into life by a Perth brewer who applied traditional beer-making techniques to distilling to make a vodka that is silky smooth and full-bodied. In 2017 the distillery made the move to Melbourne, coming full circle to combine forces with another brewing stalwart, Boatrocker Brewing Co.
And what the bloody hell does Hippocampus mean? Well apart from being the Ancient Greek name for a seahorse, it’s also the part of the human brain that records experiences as memories. An apt name for a vodka that makes a truly unforgettable Bloody Mary!

Lil' Becky's "Bloody Becky" Hot Sauce
Who is Lil’ Becky? Hot sauce entrepreneur, CEO, and mascot of the feline variety, Lil’ Becky is said to personally inspect the quality of every 100% organic Aussie pepper. Bloody Becky is her newest creation, a sauce designed specifically with Bloody Marys in mind - loaded with savoury flavours like roast garlic, pickle brine, and (vegan) worcestershire sauce already added! And if Lil’ Becky hadn’t already won your heart over, a portion of every bottle sold goes to the Pets of the Homeless charity. Spicy!
Check out the other sauces at www.lilbeckyshotsauce.com.au

Tomato Juice
2 x 250ml
100% Aussie juice. No artificial flavours, colours or preservatives.

Native Spice Mix
Our own house-made seasoning containing a blend of traditional and native ingredients. To go on the rim of the glass (and a pinch in the drink!)
Ingredients: Salt, celery seed, smoked paprika, fennel seed, bush tomato, saltbush, lemon myrtle, pepperberry

Bonus Zooper Dooper (mixed flavours)
1 x 70ml
A little nostalgic treat on us.

Deluxe Kit Extras:
Highball Glasses x 2
The perfect glass for your Bloody Mary

Jigger 15ml / 30ml
Measure out your ingredients with speed and style
Glass Swizzle Stick x 2
Mix your Mary with style

Stainless Steel Cocktail Picks
For any fancy garnishes on top of the drink

Shipping Info:

Shipping around the country is free for all Bloody Mary kits or any orders combined with another kit.

Please check our shipping page for estimated shipping times. Last Xmas orders will be taken on Monday 6th December in order to ensure deliveries will reach you in time.