Zoom Gin Martini Cocktail Kit
Zoom Gin Martini Cocktail Kit
Zoom Gin Martini Cocktail Kit

Gin Martini Cocktail Kit

Makes 11 cocktails



Our Gin Martini kit makes 11 cocktails, starting at $9 per serve.

Whether you like it shaken or stirred, the classic Gin Martini oozes sophistication. It’s classy, can be sometimes dirty, but is always fully customisable to your tastes. From date nights on the couch to fancy dinner parties with your favourite friends, it’s the perfect gin drink for any occasion when you’re looking to advance from the humble G&T.

Our Martini kits come with a choice of three top-shelf Aussie gins that encompass the very best of Australian distilling. From the tastes of the wildly popular Four Pillars in the Yarra Valley to the cosmopolitan flavours evoked by Melbourne Gin Company, and even the weird but wonderful Indigenous-owned Green Ant Gin, these are exquisite vehicles for your classic Martini.

All martini kits come with a pair of stainless steel cocktail picks for your Sicilian olives as well as some dried lemon wheels so you can switch up your garnish accompaniment depending on your mood. How do you want it, pal?

Gin Choices:
Melbourne Gin Company Dry Gin
700ml 42% ABV
This gin does an excellent job at representing the city it’s named after. If you were to dream up a gin that tastes like spring time around the Botanic Gardens, steaming neighbourhood Thai, fancy laneway cocktail bars, and dodging tram inspectors, this would be it. MGC’s dry gin boasts a cosmopolitan mix of classic, native and exotic botanicals that make it rounded, smooth and oh-so-Melbourne.
Four Pillars Olive Leaf Gin
700ml 43.8% ABV
Four Pillars has established itself as the head honcho of the Australian craft gin scene, so when they announced a new release that was hyped to be one of their best yet, we listened. This gin uses three different types of cold pressed extra-virgin olive oil as well as the titular olive leaves, building a deeply savoury flavour profile fit for a kingly martini. Dirty, extra olives please.

Green Ant Gin
700ml 42% ABV
Yes, this gin has ants in it. Literally in it - you’ll find a few of the lucky critters floating blissfully in the bottom of each bottle. Something Wild, an indigenous-owned bush tucker company, produces this showstopper featuring native green ants as the key botanical, giving a citrusy, kaffir lime flavour just perfect for a uniquely Aussie martini.
What's in the kit:
Your choice of Australian Craft Gin

Dry Vermouth
Stainless Steel Cocktail Picks
2 pcs
Sicilian Green Olives Garnish
11 pcs
Dried Lemon Wheel Garnish
11 pcs
What you'll need:
Martini Glass
Wouldn't be a martini without the right glass
Measure out your ingredients with speed and style
Mixing Glass
Get that cocktail nice and icy cold
For stirring and looking classy while doing it
Keep the good stuff, ditch the ice
Ice Tray
Proper ice makes a big difference to your drink