Zoom Mountain Gin + Tonic Kit
Zoom Mountain Gin + Tonic Kit

Mountain Gin + Tonic Kit

Makes 11 G&Ts

 This mix kit makes 11 strong Gin + Tonics, at $9 per serve.

No longer collecting dust in your nan’s liquor cabinet, the humble G&T has seen an explosion in popularity in recent years. With the boom of the Australian craft gin scene and the recent emergence of exciting new local tonic water producers, you’re in for a real treat with our collection of Gin + Tonic mix kits. We’ve picked a diverse and exciting mix of local indie gins, and paired each of them to a different Aussie tonic that best compliments their flavour profile. The accompanying garnishes make for the complete package.

Guaranteed to blow any mass-produced gin and supermarket tonic out of the water, our collection of refreshing and intriguing Gin + Tonic kits are so simple, even your nan could make them!

Featuring Mountain Gin, with its unique pine needle flavour and mix of spicy pepperberry and lemon myrtle, this gin is for those looking for adventure in sunny, aromatic forests on warm sunny days. Paired perfectly with Long Rays Native Tonic water that allows the fresh botanicals to step to the front, this is one G&T you’ll not soon forget.

What's in the kit:
Mountain Gin
500ml 43% ABV
f you think gin is all sweet or floral botanicals - think again! Mountain Gin delivers a unique punch with their pine-infused gin, hand foraged from Victoria’s Mount Macedon, mixed delicately with just enough spicy mountain pepperberry and lemon myrtle to create an outstanding and unforgettable spirit. It feels like you’re experiencing the great outdoors on a perfect summer’s day, without the hassle of hiking anywhere but your at-home bar.
Long Rays Tonic
4 x 275ml
It’s not often that a tonic water is crafted purposefully to take a backseat, but Long Rays Native tonic water is the perfect passenger for just about any gin, from its low sugar content to its delicate carbonation. Lightly flavoured with lemon myrtle from Queensland and Tasmanian pepperberry, this tonic is an especially great match for Mountain Gin, allowing the distinct pine notes to take centre stage. The perfect tonic for a sunset sip!

Dried Mountain Pepperberry Garnish
For 11 serves

What you'll need:
Highball Glass
The perfect glass for a long, refreshing drink
Measure out your ingredients with speed and style
Ice Tray
Proper ice makes a big difference to your drink
Swizzle Stick
Mix your G&T with style (optional)
Lemon or Lime
A wedge of citrus goes great alongside the garnish provided (optional)