Zoom Negroni Cocktail Kit
Zoom Negroni Cocktail Kit
Zoom Negroni Cocktail Kit

Negroni Cocktail Kit

Makes 16 cocktails


Our Negroni kit makes 16 cocktails, at just over $8 per serve.


Whether you’re indulging in a sunny afternoon with your best mates or slipping into a moody bar after dinner on the town, a Negroni is the perfect sipping drink to settle into. Originally created in the backstreets of post-WWI Florence, Italy, when Count Negroni asked his bartender to make his favourite cocktail (the Americano) stronger by swapping out the soda for straight gin, the Negroni has taken on a popularity among those with a penchant for the bitter things in life.

Mixing amaro with gin and vermouth and a dried orange wheel for garnish, the Negroni is all class, all bite and leaves nothing to be desired. Our Negroni mix kits feature the heady juniper notes of London Dry Gin paired with the bitter botanicals of our locally sourced amaro to build the perfectly balanced Negroni.

What's in the kit:
Never Never Triple Juniper Gin
500ml 43% ABV
Never Never burst onto the Australian gin scene with a singular vision for bucking the trend to create bold, flavourful gins that have cemented themselves as modern classics. Triple Juniper’s unique three-step process extracts incredibly potent and fresh juniper flavour, resulting in a London Dry Gin the way it was always meant to be - unapologetically juniper forward. The perfect foundation for a classic Negroni.
500ml 25% ABV
A uniquely Aussie bittersweet amaro made by the self-described “enfant terrible” of Australian distilling, Poor Toms. The aptly named Imbroglio (an Italian word for a ‘sticky situation’) finds perfect balance in its chaotic list of 25 botanicals that includes mandarin, rhubarb and hibiscus, making for a tasty, bitter Negroni. Belissimo, mate!
Sweet Vermouth
500ml 14.4% ABV
Dried Orange Wheel Garnish
What you'll need:
Rocks Glass
The perfect sipping glass
Measure out your ingredients with speed and style
For stirring and looking classy while doing it
Ice Tray
Proper ice makes a big difference to your drink
Swizzle Stick
Mix your cocktail with style (optional)