Zoom Herbaceous Gin + Tonic Kit
Zoom Herbaceous Gin + Tonic Kit

Herbaceous Gin + Tonic Kit

Makes 11 G&Ts



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This mix kit makes 11 strong Gin + Tonics, at $9 per serve.

No longer collecting dust in your nan’s liquor cabinet, the humble G&T has seen an explosion in popularity in recent years. With the boom of the Australian craft gin scene and the recent emergence of exciting new local tonic water producers, you’re in for a real treat with our collection of Gin + Tonic mix kits. We’ve picked a diverse and exciting mix of local indie gins, and paired each of them to a different Aussie tonic that best compliments their flavour profile. The accompanying garnishes make for the complete package.

Guaranteed to blow any mass-produced gin and supermarket tonic out of the water, our collection of refreshing and intriguing Gin + Tonic kits are so simple, even your nan could make them!

This G&T mix kit features Threefold Aromatic Gin that delivers exactly what the name promises - a deliciously aromatic fusion of lavender, grapefruit and rosemary that is perfectly complimented by the herbal and citrusy flavours of Strangelove Coastal Tonic, balancing out for a perfectly refreshing Gin + Tonic for any occasion.

What's in the kit:
Threefold Aromatic Gin
500ml 42% ABV
Gin to the power of three. Three Adelaide bartenders combining their experience to form one of Australia’s newest craft gin micro-distilleries. Their first release features three key botanicals that promise to be greater than the sum of their parts. Lavender, grapefruit and rosemary are the stars of the show, creating a gin that truly is what it says on the label - aromatic!
Strangelove Coastal Tonic
6 x 180ml
Strangelove is bringing the craft back to mixers, producing tonic waters that hark to the traditional artisan methods of yesteryear. Their preference for natural and organic ingredients reflect their Byron Bay roots, with their Coastal Tonic boasting herbaceous maritime flavours of old man saltbush, coastal thyme and sea parsley
Dried Rosemary Sprig Garnish
11 pcs
What you'll need:
Highball Glass
The perfect glass for a long, refreshing drink
Measure out your ingredients with speed and style
Ice Tray
Proper ice makes a big difference to your drink
Swizzle Stick
Mix your G&T with style (optional)
Lemon or Lime
A wedge of citrus goes great alongside the garnish provided (optional)