Zoom Vodka Martini Cocktail Kit
Zoom Vodka Martini Cocktail Kit
Zoom Vodka Martini Cocktail Kit

Vodka Martini Cocktail Kit

Makes 11 cocktails

Our Vodka Martini kit makes 11 cocktails, starting at just over $8 per serve.

Vodka Martinis elicit a vivid sophistication that is almost James Bond meets Carrie Bradshaw. It’s classy, stylish, and metropolitan. The only catch is that a Vodka Martini isn’t actually a martini at all! Technically speaking, a Vodka Martini is called a Kangaroo, a name that is quite apt given the selection of stellar Australian vodkas you have as options for this kit. From WA to Tassie to Queensland, we’ve got diverse regions of our fine vodka-loving country covered, and some diverse types of vodka covered too.

You can choose from vodka made from wheat, barley, or sugarcane and grapes. Vodka that’s batch distilled, pot distilled, triple distilled, vodka with rainwater, vodka filtered with carbon, filtered with ceramic, filtered with coconuts, and everything else you can imagine in between. But even if you don’t buy into all the hype, just know this: these are some deliciously subtle local vodkas with unique character that will make the perfect vehicle for your Kangaroo cocktail, whichever way you like it!

Vodka Choices:
666 Pure Tasmanian Vodka
700ml 40% ABV
666 was one of the first Aussie spirits to really break through from small-batch novelty to mainstream appeal. From the first batch of 666 bottles produced in 2007 this vodka has since gone onto grace many delicious martinis in many great cocktail bars. Hailing from Cape Grim, Tasmania, it’s slow-distilled from the same barley grain and pure rainwater as Tassie’s world-renowned whiskeys.
Old Young's Pure No.1 Vodka
700ml 40% ABV
Old Young’s is a prime example of the level of quality and innovation in independent Aussie distilling. Their Pure No.1 Vodka seemingly sweeps the awards wherever it goes with the combination of the highly unusual Aussie sugarcane with the equally unusual locally-sourced grapes, paying off with a vodka that is clean, crisp and elegantly smooth.
Noosa Heads Fortune Vodka
700ml 40% ABV
Fortune Vodka combines careful craftsmanship with an attitude that is effortlessly cool. Their elegant bottles are hand-labelled with a woven patch that you can sew onto your fave jacket. That’s to say nothing of the liquid, which uses ceramic and coconut charcoal filtration methods to make a slow-sipping vodka that is creamy but crisp and makes a hell of a martini.
What's in the kit:
Your choice of Australian Craft Vodka

Dry Vermouth
Stainless Steel Cocktail Picks
2 pcs
Sicilian Green Olives Garnish
11 pcs
Dried Lemon Wheel Garnish
11 pcs
What you'll need:
Martini Glass
Wouldn't be a martini without the right glass
Measure out your ingredients with speed and style
Mixing Glass
Get that cocktail nice and icy cold
For stirring and looking classy while doing it
Keep the good stuff, ditch the ice
Ice Tray
Proper ice makes a big difference to your drink